Friday, September 16, 2011

Morning Brief: Sporting News releases minor update to its iPad app; Mag+ says it is ready for the release of iOS 5

I spoke yesterday with Jeff Price, publisher of Sporting News, and Ann Keegan, communications manager about their new iPad app and approach to its digital magazine publishing efforts. Today, right on cue, Sporting News has released an app update that fixes a minor problem. The app remains free, as is the content, reflecting the publications new approach to its iPad publishing.
Price told me yesterday that Sporting News is currently working with the Treesaver folks to build their tablet apps. Treesaver is the company founded by designer Roger Black and Microsoft alum Filipe Fortes.

"We had to find a platform that was going to be sustainable long term, that was not a pdf-based approach but was much more of a dynamically published platform," Price said yesterday. "That is why we ultimately why we chose to build on the Treesaver platform."

The Treesaver website is currently displaying the new Sporting News iPad app on its website.

In preparation for the soon-to-be-released iOS 5, the company behind Mag+ this morning announced both a magazine subscription API and support for Apple's iOS 5 Newsstand.

“The Mag+ subscription API really opens up the options for publishers – giving them the maximum possible control over how they market and sell their magazines on tablets and allowing them to manage their customer relationships across all platforms," Moving Media+ CEO Staffan Ekholm said. "In turn, customers will benefit from a seamless experience as they find and read their favorite magazines – whether in print or on their tablet.”

“Newsstand also makes it easier for customers to source and manage their favorite periodicals. And it helps publishers make their titles easy to find in the Apple ecosystem.”

Congress is breaking all sorts of limbo records as it works to see how low it can go. It's new record is 12. That is, only 12 percent of Americans surveyed in the latest New York Times/CBS News poll approve of the job Congress is doing.

Additionally, only 6 percent of registered voters surveyed say that most members of Congress has earned re-election. Of course, as we all know, this is a meaningless number as most voters believe that it is the other guy that should be booted out of Congress while their own representative is fine. But with 84 percent of those surveyed saying it's time to "give someone new a chance" it's possible that many incumbents may see the writing on the wall and decided to not run next November.


Tablazines said...

I've downloaded the Sporting News app after reading about it here but haven't had a chance to open it yet.

Hopefully Treesaver will be a better experience in this app than it is for Nomad Editions. I'm referring mostly to the way pages break.

Douglas Hebbard said...

I think you will see, Chris, that it is a completely different look.

With Nomad, the idea of the designs is that the layouts work no matter what iOS device you are using – they are dynamic.

With SN, the layouts are designed for either portrait or landscape on the iPad only. This makes things both simpler for the art directors, and more consistent for the reader.

Tablazines said...

You were right...
I was totally impressed with Sporting News' use of the Tressaver technology. I see the gang went out of it's way to provide SN with some features not currently available in the version that's available as a free open source downloads.

I think Nomad Editions should pattern their publications to function more like SN.